LROSE Background

The LROSE Science Gateway is one component of the larger LROSE project. LROSE is a National Science Foundation (NSF) supported project to develop common software for the Lidar, Radar, and Profiler community. LROSE focuses on high-quality and well-documented key applications as ‘building blocks’, allowing users to assemble trusted, reproducible workflows to accomplish complex scientific tasks.

Science Gateway

While LROSE can be installed directly onto Linux and Mac machines, the complexity and size of the software can be daunting, particularly if a user only needs a handful of applications. The LROSE Science Gateway was designed to improve accessibility, while also developing tutorials to guide novice users through common workflow tasks, such as rainfall estimation and wind analysis.

Current Functionality

Current work on the LROSE Gateway is focusing on the development of key scientific workflows. These workflows provide sample data for a user and step through key applications to produce a useful product at the end. The workflows produce screenshots and output data for each intermediate step, allowing the user to monitor the progress of the workflow. We envision these workflows can be used in educational or workshop settings.